Star Citizen Piracy gameplay: Credit Prospector 2

“Another 3 Prospectors, another 3 potential opportunities…”

In this Star Citizen piracy gameplay, the players are using an EMP to disable their target’s ship. They notice that there are two ships near them, but only one appears on their radar, indicating that the other ship might be a hidden threat. The players continue to approach their target, a Prospector ship, and prepare to attack.

As they initiate their assault, they disable the target’s shields and try to keep it suppressed. The target seems to have some difficulty and loses control, crashing into the ground. The players take advantage of this opportunity to continue their attack, but the target manages to eject from their ship before it explodes.

Afterward, they notice another minor ship nearby and decide to target it as well. They charge up their EMP and successfully disable the ship, causing the pilot to also eject. They suspect that the pilot might have a self-destruct sequence, but they are unable to confirm.

The players keep a close eye on the ejected pilots, monitoring their movements and actions. They notice one pilot accessing their MobiGlas and suspect they might be trying to activate some kind of feature. The other pilot starts shooting at them, leading to a brief firefight, with the players managing to neutralize the threat.

Finally, they attempt to establish communication with the remaining pilot, trying to negotiate a ransom. However, the pilot does not respond, and the players consider killing them as a last resort. They also discover that they have gained access to the live trading dashboard of the pilot’s organization and decide to investigate further.