Star Citizen - Pioneer dethroned?

"Hello Citizens!
In this video I want to go over the new base building mechanics annouced and CitizenCon and when we might see them in action. Enjoy!

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In the video, the speaker discusses the new updates and mechanics surrounding base building in Star Citizen. They mention that base building will be a major aspect of the game, and players can shape the locations around them. Land claim beacons will be required to claim land, and the Pioneer ship was previously the only known ship capable of building bases. However, new information reveals more about land claims and base building. Preparation and scouting will be important, as players will need to find out what resources and power sources are available in a location.

Lawful systems will require players to pay taxes on their land, but provide good protection for their claims. Smaller bases or homesteads in these systems may be less viable and cost-effective for resource extraction. Crafting and manufacturing in the game will require blueprints, which can be researched, bought, looted, or earned as rewards. The speaker expresses curiosity about how the system for obtaining and tracking blueprints will work.

Regarding building mechanics, the speaker mentions the introduction of two new vehicles and one new ship variant. The new vehicles include the surveyor trolley, which allows for the construction of small buildings, and a new variant of the Atlas vehicle platform for medium-sized bases. Additionally, the RSI Galaxy ship has been introduced as a construction variant, capable of sustaining the construction of a base on its own. The Pioneer ship, while not the only construction-capable ship, received important updates and can still function as a mobile base.

To start building or crafting, a fabricator will be needed. Fabricators in the game can build a range of items, armor, buildings, and even ships. Resource extraction will also be a part of base building, including the ability to extract and pump liquid resources. Power and resource management will be crucial, and multiple options for power generation will be implemented. A specialized UI mode will also be introduced to assist with placing buildings and objects.

The speaker notes that while development on base building is set to start in Q1 2024, it does not necessarily mean that features will be released next year. However, more information is expected to be revealed. The speaker asks viewers about their thoughts and plans for base building in the game.