Star citizen - no escape - rsi mantis

“In today’s video, I take a closer look at Star Citizen’s RSI Mantis, a true interdiction ship. The Mantis has a very interesting and powerful QED system. Used by pirates and law enforcement throughout the verse, the Mantis can be a powerful tool on either side of the law. The RSI Mantis is a single-seat interdiction ship, capable of pulling targets out of Quantum travel using “Quantum Enforcement”. Lightly armed and armored, the Mantis is designed to work in tandem with more heavily-armed law enforcement or pirates to confront the captured ships.”

In this video, the YouTuber introduces the RSI Mantis ship in Star Citizen. Despite being small, the ship has the potential to be a powerful force in space combat. The ship’s design is reminiscent of the classic RSI engines, giving it a familiar look. The Mantis is known for its unique feature, the quantum enforcement device, which allows it to trap and prevent the escape of other ships. This feature can be used to disrupt pirates or criminals, making it a valuable asset for law enforcement.

The quantum enforcement device has two main functions: the quantum snare and quantum dampening. The quantum snare creates a bubble around the ship, knocking out nearby ships from quantum travel and preventing others from entering it. However, using the snare requires a significant charge-up time and puts a strain on the ship’s resources. Quantum dampening, on the other hand, prevents ships from activating their quantum drives within a short range instantly. The Mantis can also utilize Quantum markers to track potential targets, which could be useful for bounty hunting.

The ship is armed with two size three laser cannons and has missile systems as well. However, the ship’s primary role is not combat, and firing weapons while the quantum enforcement device is active may overheat the ship’s systems. The Mantis also features basic crew amenities, such as a bed, toilet, and kitchenette, to support extended operations. The cockpit has good visibility, with the exception of the rear, and is controlled by a hosas system.

The YouTuber speculates on possible scenarios where the Mantis could be useful, such as ambushing pirates or countering attacks on a medium-sized lawful fleet. The ship’s potential for bringing criminals to justice is highlighted, as the current game mechanics heavily favor piracy. Overall, the YouTuber believes that the Mantis has great potential and is excited to see how it will be utilized in the game.