Star Citizen New Ships - Cutter Variants - Fury LX - Alpha 4.0 Features

Star Citizen is currently in the PTU phase for version 3.20, with bug fixes and the introduction of the Fury LX racing ship. Future updates include new ship variants, missions, and major features like server meshing in Alpha 4.0, set to release by the end of the year.

Star Citizen is currently in the PTU phase for version 3.20, which is expected to be released before the end of September. The latest updates in the PTU focus on bug fixes and improvements, such as fixing random damage and improving stability. The new ship introduced is the Fury LX, a racing variant of the Mirai Fury. There are also plans for Cutter Scout and Expedition variants, which may release in 3.20 or a future update.

Alpha 3.20.x is expected to bring even more features and ships, including the Spirit series ships, the Tumbral Storm assault tank, and new retrieval Consignment missions. The Crusader platform missions will be reactivated, and new platforms and missions will be added. There will likely be bug fixes and tweaks as well.

Alpha 4.0 is planned for release by the end of the year, with major features such as Pyro jump points and server meshing. There are speculations that server meshing will enable seamless transitions between different servers and boost performance. Other anticipated features for Alpha 4.0 include barge heists, bounty hunting version 2, new points of interest, factions and missions in Pyro, updates to Arena Commander, and Vulcan integration for improved graphics.

In terms of subscriber promotions, September offers trans cubes as flair, which are dice for binary decisions, and D20 plushies in red, blue, and green. The sub ship of the month is the Corsair, and subscribers have a chance to win one. The Toby eye tracker 5 is also on sale, providing precision head and eye tracking for enhanced immersion in Star Citizen and other supported games.

Overall, the development progress for Star Citizen includes upcoming releases of 3.20, 3.20.x, and 4.0, with various ships, features, and bug fixes. The roadmap suggests exciting additions like new ship variants, missions, and improved gameplay mechanics.