Star Citizen New Ship Leaks - BIG SPOILER WARNING

The video delves into rumored new ships and variants potentially revealed at the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo in Star Citizen, with speculative mentions of ships like the Tumbril Storm, Cutter Expedition, and RSI mining ship, among others. The discussion also highlights the expo’s structure, where new ship manufacturers will be featured daily, and offers a free play period, ship rentals, and sales, culminating with an appeal for viewers’ thoughts on the rumors and promotion of a giveaway contest.

The video discusses potential new ships and variants that might be introduced in the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) in Star Citizen, but cautions viewers to take the rumors with skepticism as they may not turn out to be accurate or timings could change. Sources of these rumors include Star Citizen leaks from various platforms like Reddit and insider information from CIG contacts. The presenter expresses that the nature of the leaks means there’s an inherent lack of certainty about their validity.

Within the discussion, several specific ships and possibilities are noted. There’s talk of the Tumbril Storm, possibly with new variants like an AA turret or EMP. Another expected ship is the Cutter Expedition, which sounds like it will be a long-range starter ship designed for exploration. There are also speculations about a new Redeemer variant, as a banner featuring the ship was spotted in the IAE trailer, although opinions are divided, with some suggesting it might just be part of the event’s background decor.

One of the major leaks pertains to an unidentified Xi’an or Gatack ship, hinted at in various sources and expected to be revealed during the expo. The speculated ship, potentially named the Gatak Suen, could be a multipurpose starter ship, but details are unclear. More convincingly, details about an RSI mining ship, possibly called the RSI Arter, suggest it may be a focus of the event, potentially available for concept sale. This aligns with known information about RSI’s discussions of a new large mining ship.

The video also touches upon the potential for a racing variant of the RSI Zeus, the possibility of a Mark 2 version of the F7 Hornet being available by Christmas, and some kind of loot and ticket drops during events like IAE and Luminaria. It’s suggested that these could entail in-game rewards for players. Moreover, the upcoming 3.21.1 patch is in PTU testing, expected to incorporate new ships, missions, and fixes into the game.

Lastly, the presenter gives a reminder of the IAE dates, November 17th to 30th, and outlines the event’s format. New manufacturers will showcase daily at the Tobin Expo Center in New Babbage, and visitors will be able to rent any displayed ships for free. Star Citizen will be free to play during the expo, a variety of ships will be for sale, and there will be waves of sales for limited hull ships. The presenter ends by seeking viewer opinions on the rumors and the anticipated new ships, and includes a promotion for NordVPN and a giveaway contest for various starter ships in Star Citizen.