Star Citizen New Mining Ship has a Q&A RSI Arrastra

The RSI Arrastra is a new mining ship from Roberts Space Industries, positioned between the Mole and the Orion, with a focus on refinery capabilities and profitable quantanium trading. It has size three mining lasers, a vehicle bay for two vehicles, and amenities for the crew, but lacks medical and combat-specific facilities.

The RSI Arrastra is a new mining ship from Roberts Space Industries, positioned between the Mole and the Orion. It has a refinery, which is its biggest advantage. The ship has two reactors, allowing for faster refining compared to the Expense. Each reactor can refine about the same amount as the Expense’s refining module. However, the refining capabilities of the Arrastra are smaller in comparison to the Orion. The ship can refine quantanium but cannot use it as fuel. Instead, it can generate continuous profit by selling it as a commodity.

In terms of mining capabilities, the Arrastra falls between smaller ships like the Prospector and the Mole, and larger ships like the Orion. The ship has size three mining lasers, which are not bespoke and can be bought in shops. The size three lasers provide greater range and energy output, allowing for cracking of larger rocks. The ship can also take materials from ore bags such as the ones used by the Prospector. The mining lasers cannot be controlled by the pilot, as the ship is designed for multi-crew operations.

The ship has vitals, as all mining ships do, to ensure stability while mining on planet surfaces. The Arrastra has a dedicated vehicle bay in the centre of its cargo area, capable of holding two Rock DS’s or two Ursa Rover-sized vehicles. It also uses standard SU containers for external oil storage and allows for easy transfer of cargo between vehicles, enhancing interoperability. The ship has a pilot seat that controls the missiles and has multiple entry points, including a rear ramp, a docking collar, and a central crew elevator to the ground.

The amenities on the ship include a crew area with beds similar to the Constellation, a kitchen for preparing food, and integrated weapon and suit storage. However, there is no medical room or dedicated armoury, as the Arrastra is primarily an industrial vessel. The ship also has some combat capabilities, but its main focus is mining. This Q&A session provided information about the Arrastra and answered questions about its features and capabilities.