Star Citizen needs more of this..

"Star Citizen has got some ships that have been in the game for a long time but the Constellation Phoenix is one of, if not the best ‘older’ ships. I love that it comes all ready to go with a snub fighter in the back that does plenty of damage. It’s a MK4 version so it makes me wonder if CIG would ever recreate the Constellation or just bring out a MK5.

This is Star Citizen 3.22 gameplay talking about the updates coming to Star Citizen 3.23."

In this video, the content creator is excited to showcase the Constellation Phoenix, a luxury touring ship in Star Citizen. They discuss their previous experiences with the ship and express their enthusiasm for its snub ship, which they claim works flawlessly. They plan to use the snub ship for a high-risk bounty mission and show how well it performs. The content creator also poses a question to their viewers about the possibility of a Mark 5 version of the ship in the future.

As they embark on the mission, the content creator encounters some technical issues with their ship, but they quickly resolve them. They arrive at their destination and engage in combat with multiple enemy ships, including a constellation Taurus, a reclaimer, and an M2. They successfully destroy the targets and discuss the loot they obtained from the bounties. However, their ship is unexpectedly attacked by another player, resulting in their ship being destroyed and losing all their loot.

Undeterred, the content creator respawns and continues their mission, engaging in combat with the remaining enemy ships. They eventually defeat them and contemplate the possibility of finding another player in a nearby cave. However, they are unable to locate anyone and decide to leave. The video concludes with the content creator expressing their interest in doing a future video focused on cargo hunting and looting.

Overall, the video showcases the Constellation Phoenix and its snub ship, as well as the content creator’s experiences with combat and looting in Star Citizen.