Star Citizen - Near Future Alpha 3.20 - $2 Billion Budget - Refund Drama

In this Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss the upcoming release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 and the uncertainty surrounding its timeline. They also acknowledge that summer is typically a slow period for Star Citizen, with limited in-game content and news updates from Cloud Imperium. One topic they touch on is the recent refund drama involving a player who requested a refund and claimed that Star Citizen was not a finished product. While the details of the refund are not explicitly stated, it is mentioned that the player was satisfied with the outcome.

The hosts then shift their focus to the rumored $2 billion budget of GTA 6, comparing it to Star Citizen’s funding. While Cloud Imperium’s exact funding is not specified, they estimate that it may reach $1.5 billion within the next few years. They also discuss Cloud Imperium’s approach of constantly updating the game rather than having a standard version 1 release and express their hope that the funding will continue to expand.

Overall, the hosts acknowledge the slow summer period for Star Citizen but remain optimistic about the game’s future, discussing both the refund drama and the comparison to GTA 6’s budget.