Star citizen - mobile space clinic - rsi apollo

Today we take a look at the Star Citizens RSI Apollo.
This medical ship comes in two flavours, the Triage which is a civilian variant and the Medivac which has different weapon system and thic”

The RSI Apollo is a medical ship from Roberts Space Industries legendary Apollo chassis, renowned for providing critical aid to the known universe. The Apollo is a mid-sized ship designed for medical rescue and mixed emergency operations, featuring a rear access ramp for patient transfers, separate lift for the crew, and shock balance system to ensure a smooth ride under extreme fire and turbulence. It is also equipped with cutting edge shield technology (PPA) and payload preservation armor, designed to safeguard patients from enemy fire and any natural hazards. It is equipped with two Shepherd MediLift semi-automated rescue extraction pods that allow it to mobilise a maximum of 500 pounds quickly and securely.

The RSI Apollo has many advantages over its contemporaries, such as the Cutlass Red and Pisces - the Apollo is equipped with large scanners which provide more accurate details and a higher range spread. Other features include the ability to load up to six medical beds to different tiers, meaning it can be tailored to the needs of a particular mission. Additionally, in-game doctors will be able to use interactive elements to diagnose and treat patients, improving medical gameplay. Moreover, crew members can respawn on a friend’s Apollo, and the ship itself is equipped with 28 SCU for medical supplies and weapons (just in case a patient turns out to be a pirate!).

Finally, the Apollo is well-equipped in terms of essential components - Radar, computer, coolers, power plant, shield generators, Fuel and Quantum tanks, and a Quantum and jump drive module. At 43 metres in length and 30 metres in width, the Apollo is well suited for medical gameplay, and its crew of one to two (but recommended for three) expand the possibilities for medical treatment in and around the universe. With all its features, the Apollo is the perfect ship for anyone wanting to embark on a medical career.