Star Citizen - MISC Raptor - The Best April Fools BUT I Actually Want It!

In a Star Citizen podcast, the MISC Raptor April Fools prank received positive feedback from the community, with players expressing interest in having the fake street sweeper ship in the game. The discussion also covered Alpha 3.23 testing progress, upcoming features like creatures and server meshing, and encouraged viewer engagement through ship giveaways and support for the channel.

In this Star Citizen podcast, the host discusses various topics related to the game. The April Fools prank by Star Citizen featuring the MISC Raptor, a fake street sweeper ship, was well-received by the community. The effort put into creating a fake sales page and video for the Raptor was appreciated, and many players actually expressed interest in having such a vehicle in the game. The host speculates that NPCs might use street sweepers in the game, adding depth to the universe.

The discussion then moves on to Alpha 3.23 testing progress, mentioning that it’s a meaty patch with features like cargo and persistent hangar customization. The host expresses excitement about the potential content and improvements coming with this patch, including new points of interest and cargo hauling missions. However, there are concerns about potential delays in the release schedule.

The conversation touches on the addition of creatures like dogs and birds in the game, with expectations for more features to be added in future updates. The host acknowledges some issues with the current implementation of creatures but looks forward to seeing more diverse wildlife in the game. The mention of sniper rifle glint for balancing purposes sparks some debate among players.

Server meshing tests and the upcoming tech preview build are highlighted as significant steps towards the eventual implementation of dynamic server meshing in Alpha 4.0. The host expresses interest in testing server meshing in the Pyro system and discusses the differences between static and dynamic server meshing. Excitement is palpable for the potential improvements in gameplay experience.

In conclusion, the host encourages viewers to participate in ship giveaways and support the channel through various means. The discussion wraps up with a call for audience engagement on topics like the upcoming Fleet Week, ship purchases, and expectations for Alpha 3.23. The host expresses gratitude to the community for their support and participation, emphasizing the importance of viewer engagement in shaping the channel’s content.