Star Citizen Luminalia Begins - Free Loot, Missions & Discount Ships

The Luminalia event in Star Citizen is currently running until January 8th, offering players the chance to collect festive gifts, complete special missions, and take advantage of discounted ships. There are also daily gifts available through the Luminalia calendar and an opportunity to earn a holiday Pico plushy by playing in Arena Commander.

The Luminalia event in Star Citizen is currently underway until January 8th. Players can visit The Luminalia Grotto in New Babbage, which is filled with festive decorations and presents. There are also Luminalia gift boxes scattered around landing zones that players can pick up, store, hand in, or sell for Alpha currency. Additionally, there are special delivery missions and exclusive Luminalia loot to discover and collect.

During the 12 days of giving, which lasts from December 11th to the 22nd, players can open the Luminalia calendar daily for new gifts on their account. These gifts include items such as the Drake Cutter Icebreaker and Deck the Halls skin. Players can open the doors of the calendar until January 8th, so they don’t have to open them on the specific day they appear.

By playing in Arena Commander, players have the opportunity to earn a festive holiday Pico plushy as a flare item. They need to play the experimental modes of team elimination or gun rush and be at the top of their team to win. This reward will be available once Alpha 3.22 goes live and runs until January 8th.

There are various holiday ship starter packs available, including ships like the Aurora MR, Mustang Alpha, and Avenger Titan, all with at least a 10% discount. Also, RSI subscribers can get an additional 10% off a year’s access until January 8th. Upgrades to the 100i, Avenger Titan, and Nomad ships come with holiday paints. Additionally, there is a referral bonus scheme where players can earn FPS equipment if someone they referred purchases their first starter pack.

Luminalia is an annual holiday celebrated by both the Banu and humans on December 22nd. It started as the Banu Festival, the Glow Festival, where ceremonial lamps were lit until the fuel was consumed. Presently, Luminalia involves gift exchanges, present hunts, glowing lights, and gatherings of family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances. Overall, players can participate in Luminalia by collecting gifts, completing missions, and taking advantage of the special offers in-game.