Star Citizen Live: Meet the Devs - Publishing and Corporate Technology

“Join us in another Meet the Devs format as we explore the personal history of two of our most tenured executives: Chief Publishing Officer John Erskine and Vice President of Corporate Technology Mike Jones, where they’ll share stories about themselves and from CIG’s earliest days.”

In this episode of Star Citizen Live, the focus is on the publishing and corporate technology aspects of the game. The hosts introduce three guests from the Austin, Texas team: John, Mike, and Ahmed. John is the head of the publishing organization at CIG and explains that his team handles everything technical that is not related to the game engine itself. This includes the build system, publishing pipeline, QA, and customer support. Ahmed is the senior director of publishing technology and his team is responsible for the technology that allows the game to be played, from the moment the build is done until it reaches the players. Mike is the vice president of corporate technology and his team is in charge of the infrastructure, networking, and computer-related services for the employees.

The guests reminisce about their early days at CIG, starting in the basement of a building in Austin. They share stories of the crowded space, the challenges they faced, and the camaraderie among the team. They talk about the excitement of launching new features like Area 18 and the memorable moments they experienced along the way. They also mention the growth of the company and the importance of the various teams that contribute to the success of Star Citizen.

The hosts express their appreciation for the teams and individuals who work behind the scenes to make Star Citizen possible. They mention names like Eric, Will, Chris, and many others who are responsible for different aspects of the game. They acknowledge the hard work, passion, and dedication of these teams and express gratitude for their contributions.

In conclusion, the episode provides a glimpse into the publishing and corporate technology side of Star Citizen. The guests share their experiences and highlight the efforts of the teams that support the game’s development and operations. It showcases the collaborative and innovative spirit of the company as they strive to create a unique and immersive gaming experience for players.