Star Citizen Live - Making Ship Up in 1min 47sec

In the recent Star Citizen Live episode, senior concept artist Alberto Petronio showcased the process of creating a ship concept. He revealed that there are currently two unannounced ships being worked on. The team attempted to create a concept for an Origin hover tank within an hour, which is a task that usually takes longer. To save time, pre-baked assets in Blender were used for kit bashing. By repurposing different elements from other ships, they quickly created a basic silhouette for the concept.

Alberto mentioned that they typically create three or four different concepts for Chris Roberts, the game’s creator, to review. Based on his feedback, they either develop more iterations or choose one of the initial concepts to refine further. While they use some mods in Blender, they prefer running it in vanilla mode for better efficiency. At the 20-minute mark, Alberto had already produced a second concept, this time a vertical tank with some modifications to match the Origin style.

The host, Jared, acknowledged that due to the scarcity of usual topics before Citizen Con, the show became more creative. Overall, the episode was an enjoyable one, and viewers are encouraged to watch the full video for a real-time experience. The breakdown of the episode’s highlights and updates is aimed at keeping fans informed, and subscribing and sharing the content is appreciated.