Star Citizen Live: A. I. and U

“This week, members from the Social, Combat and Ship AI teams join us for an All About AI roundtable covering many aspects of NPC life in the 'verse.”

In this episode of Star Citizen Live, the focus is on AI and NPC behavior. The hosts introduce the members of the AI team who are working on various aspects of AI in the game. They discuss their roles and current projects, such as ship AI, social AI, and navigation aspects of AI. The team also talks about the challenges they face, such as bugs with chair animations and the impact of server performance on AI behavior.

They also address the current state of ground-based AI combat, mentioning that while there are still some issues with server performance and desync, they are continuously working on improving combat behaviors. They mention the development of a planetary navmesh, which will enhance encounters on planetary surfaces and allow for more realistic and varied AI behaviors.

The discussion then moves to the topic of NPC behaviors and crew management. They explain that AI NPCs will have needs and requirements similar to players, such as hunger, thirst, and the need for rest. They discuss how these needs will affect NPC behavior and performance. The team also touches on the difference between AI NPC crew and AI server blades for spacecraft, highlighting that crew members will have personalities, skills, and the ability to perform various tasks on a ship.

The final part of the episode provides an update on the ongoing server outage during the launch of IAE (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo). The hosts acknowledge the frustrations of players and assure them that the technical team is working to resolve the issue. They end the episode by thanking the AI team for their contributions and discussing plans for the future development of AI in the game.