Star Citizen Leaks | Titan Suits, Creatures, SRV / Spirit, Cutter Variants & Alpha 3.20 Evo Patch

The latest 3.20 evocati patch for Star Citizen focuses on stability in the persistent universe. While some features like the Seraphim Station, auto cargo transfer, new cargo packing system, and new salvaging missions, as well as wheeled vehicle handling improvements, are already in the build, feedback on these features is not being collected at this time. The patch may be kept on the PTU for a few months to improve stability and performance, or it could be a step towards achieving server meshing.

Leaked files reveal new variants of the Cutlass ship, including the Scout and Expedition. The Scout has a deployable radar dish, while the Expedition sacrifices cargo space for a table and suit locker. Behavior files for creatures and NPCs have also been found, suggesting that creatures will have combat behaviors, and NPCs will have utility behaviors for interacting with cargo and usable items. Additionally, visual effects files for the SRV and Spirit ships have been discovered, indicating their progress towards completion.

Lastly, there are hints of a Titan suit and Titan suit mount, possibly for testing purposes or for the game Squadron. The existence of a Titan suit has generated excitement, and fans hope to see it released in the game soon. Overall, these leaks suggest that there are intriguing developments in progress, some of which may be revealed at upcoming events like CitizenCon.