Star Citizen is having an Alien Week?!

“So this week, Star Citizen is having an alien week, and there are lots going on from ship sales, contests, community events, and more. There are some really awesome paints and ships on sale so let’s see what’s on offer. Want to play Star Ci”

Star Citizen is celebrating Alien Week, featuring alien ships and unique paints. The video showcases an advertisement for the ships, with a humorous tone reminiscent of Fallout. The ships available for purchase include the Blade, Gladius, Defender, Khartu-Al, Merchantman, Nox, Prowler, Herald, Talon, and Talon Strike. Each ship has its own price and features, with the Blade being the most expensive at $275 and the Nox being the cheapest at $45.

There is some controversy surrounding the Prowler due to its known bugs, so the author advises against purchasing it until the issues are resolved. The Merchantman is also a point of contention as production on it has been halted indefinitely, but it is still available for purchase at $650. In addition to ships, there are also various paints and accessories available for sale during Alien Week.

Overall, the video expresses excitement for the ships and paints available but raises concerns about the bugs in certain ships and the pause in production for others. The author suggests waiting to purchase ships until these issues are addressed.