Star Citizen Is Funding Slowing? - Ex CIG Employee - Game Dev Is Hard

In this Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss various topics related to the game. They mention the delays in the release of the Alpha 3.20 update, particularly the absence of multi-crew gameplay in Arena Commander. They speculate on how long it might take to implement this feature and express their disappointment that it won’t be included in the upcoming patch. They also highlight the importance of the issue council and suggest that active participants may be rewarded in the future.

The podcast also references a video by a former CIG employee who speaks positively about his time working on Star Citizen. He emphasizes the hard work put in by the development team and encourages viewers to join the team if they’re interested. The hosts discuss the Foundation Festival and its free-fly event, noting that it hasn’t been as successful in generating funding compared to previous years. They also touch on CIG’s recent expansion and the financial implications of hiring more employees.

Overall, the hosts offer their thoughts on upcoming updates and events in Star Citizen, while reflecting on the challenges and successes of the game’s development.