Star Citizen is doing it right.. (Star Citizen IAE 2953 Day 1 & 2)

“Star Citizen - IAE 2953 tours have arrived. In this video, we’re taking a look at the Star Citizen expo hall for days 1 and 2 which are alien ship manufacturers and aegis dynamics. Obviously, the highlight is still that Gatac syulen ship th”

Star Citizen’s IAE 2953 celebration is underway, and the speaker expresses their excitement for the event. They mention that IAE is one of their favorite times of the year for Star Citizen as it includes a free fly period where everyone can try the game and access to all the ships for a limited time. They also mention that the event offers ship sales for those who want to purchase new ships.

The speaker then proceeds to explore the different halls and ships on display at the event. They start with the Apex Hall, which features the Banu Defender, a unique and stylish ship known as a “crab ship.” They also showcase the Gladius, Glaive, and Talon ships, each with their own distinct characteristics and purposes.

Moving on to the next hall, the speaker highlights the Redeemer, a massive salvage ship, and the Sabre Comet, a versatile and agile fighter. They also briefly mention other ships like the Idris and the Nautilus, a mine-laying vessel. The concept hall showcases the Santok Y, a ship from Aopoa, and the RSI Railing, a cargo hauler.

The speaker then explores the final hall, which includes the Avenger and Retaliator bombers, the Eclipse stealth bomber, and the Vanguard collection, a series of militarian and functional ships. They share their thoughts on each ship, expressing their personal preferences and opinions. They encourage viewers to check out their video on the Suulain ship and conclude the summary by mentioning the overall excitement and enjoyment of the IAE 2953 event.