Star Citizen Introducing Aliens To Hunt, Raise, & Harvest | What They Are & When They'll Come

Star Citizen is introducing a variety of creatures, including casual fauna and more nuanced actual fauna, which will add life and potential uses to the game. The development of AI and ongoing progress suggest that the introduction of these creatures may happen sooner than expected, with at least one creature expected to be implemented by version 4.0.

Star Citizen is introducing two types of creatures: casual fauna and actual fauna. The casual fauna includes small animals that add presence to the game but don’t have much impact. The actual fauna, on the other hand, will be more nuanced and have specific behaviors and goals. These creatures will be based on real-world examples like bears, tigers, and birds of prey, which will help inform players of how they may act in the game.

The first five or six creatures that will be introduced in the game have been revealed. These include tiger-like creatures, a bird, a herding animal called the Kzy Graser, a space whale known as the Storm Wall, a yeti-like creature called the Boreal Stalker, and the Pyro Crab. Each of these creatures will have their own unique characteristics and potential uses, such as hunting, crafting, and harvesting.

Implementing fauna into the game has been a long process, with updates and progress being shared through monthly reports and Q&As. The animation team has started working on the first interactable animal, and another animal is also in the works. Recently, the company has been looking for a senior designer to own the creature pipeline and ensure that the world of Star Citizen is full of life. This indicates that there is ongoing effort to develop AI for NPCs and creatures in the game.

Fauna in Star Citizen will not only add life and believability to the game but also have potential uses in other aspects. They can be used for crafting armor and other items, and aggressive fauna could complicate base building. Fauna also offer tourism opportunities, with the space whales being a popular tourist attraction. Additionally, pets are planned to be introduced in the game as well.

While there is no exact timeline for when these creatures will be implemented, it is expected that at least one of them will be in the game by version 4.0. The development of AI and the ongoing progress suggest that the introduction of fauna may happen sooner than expected. Players are advised to keep an eye out for more hints and updates in the coming months.