Star Citizen - I love this speed

“Star Citizen 3.22 is officially out and with it, loads of new stuff is releasing and in this video, I check out the X1, the X1 Force, and the X1 Velocity. Three hoverbikes that go seriously fast and look sleek af. For more Star Citizen game”

In this video, the speaker expresses their excitement about the speed and performance they are experiencing while playing the game Star Citizen. They mention having a high frame rate and being impressed by the graphics on their new OLED monitor. They also discuss their anticipation for trying out the new X1 hover bike in the game.

The speaker goes on to showcase the X1 hover bike, highlighting its sleek design and features. They demonstrate how it hovers above the ground and show the different compartments and controls within the bike. They express their love for the design and mention their initial confusion about which direction the bike was facing.

They then proceed to test the top speed of the X1 hover bike by hugging the ground and achieving speeds of up to 200 FPS. They express their enjoyment of the speed and maneuverability of the bike, while also mentioning some issues with bouncing and crashing. They suggest that the bike would benefit from an in-game use or racing tracks.

The speaker also tries out the X1 velocity version of the hover bike and compares it to the standard edition. They note the differences in speed and firepower between the two versions. They continue to test the top speed of the hover bike, this time on a frozen lake, and express their satisfaction with the experience.

Finally, the speaker attempts to place the X1 hover bike inside the 400i ship and explores the possibility of using it in space. They showcase the bike’s speed in zero gravity and discuss its potential use in combat scenarios. They conclude the video by expressing their enjoyment of the hover bike and their hope for future updates and opportunities within the game.