Star Citizen - How will component salvage affect the economy?

“Hello Citizens!
In today’s video I want to take a look at the upcoming changes to component salvage and the future changes to insurance. Enjoy!”

The video discusses upcoming changes in Star Citizen patch 3.19 regarding components and insurance. Players will now be able to detach and attach components from ships using tractor beams, making it possible to salvage components from destroyed or crashed ships. Ship components will now be considered loot by CIG, and high-grade components may be made lootable only. The proposed solution for preventing exploits is to make components unclaimable, but this may discourage players from customizing their ships. An alternative solution is to restore all ship components that can be purchased in stores when a ship is claimed.

The video suggests that there may be challenges in moving salvage components from a cargo hold to the inventory, and not all ships have accessible component ports. The video also mentions a possible change to the insurance system, where claiming a ship would reset it to the stock configuration, causing any upgraded components to be lost. This proposed change is to prevent the duplication of rare and expensive components by buying or salvaging one, destroying the ship, salvaging the component, and claiming the ship to obtain a new version of that component.

The video suggests an alternative solution to track ownership and inventory to prevent duplicate components. It is noted that the proposed solution may discourage backers from customizing their ships, and many backers may not bother with the game if the proposed solution is implemented. Finally, the video suggests that paying for extended insurance coverage could be an answer, but this may not happen in the next few years.