Star Citizen - Getting Golden Tickets & F8C Lightning Heavy Fighter First Look!

In this Star Citizen video, the hosts discuss their experience acquiring the F8C Lightning heavy fighter ship through golden tickets obtained from loot containers. They showcase the ship’s appearance and flying capabilities, discuss its availability for purchase, and encourage viewer engagement and support for their channel.

In this Star Citizen video, the host and his partner discuss their experience acquiring the F8C Lightning, a heavy fighter ship. They explain that content creators like themselves were not given special access to the ship by the game developers, and had to obtain golden tickets themselves. These tickets could be found in loot containers, with the easiest method being through bunker missions. The golden tickets allowed players to rent the F8C Lightning for 24 hours, with the option to purchase it afterward. The availability of the ship through golden tickets was a surprise, as it was originally stated that it would only be flyable once Squadron 42 was released.

The hosts discuss their initial annoyance at not being given special access, but they appreciate the fact that the ship is now flyable and accessible through gameplay in the current build of the game. They mention that platinum tickets can also be obtained by killing a developer or someone who possesses one, granting permanent ownership of the ship with Lifetime Insurance. However, announcing the presence of a ticket holder may lead to interesting gameplay situations.

The hosts then proceed to showcase the F8C Lightning’s appearance and flying capabilities. They engage in a bounty mission and effortlessly defeat the target with the ship’s powerful weapons. The hosts mention that the F8C Lightning is available for purchase from the pledge store for $260 war bond or $300 through store credit. They also speculate on whether the ship will eventually be available for in-game purchase, or if it will remain exclusive to certain milestones in Squadron 42.

They conclude by encouraging viewers to share their thoughts on the ship’s availability and whether it aligns with the statements made by the game developers. Additionally, they promote their monthly Star Citizen giveaway and appeal to viewers to support the channel through various means, such as becoming Patreon supporters or YouTube channel members. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to engage in the comments section and wishes them a great October.

Overall, the video provides an overview of the F8C Lightning ship and the acquisition process through golden tickets. The hosts discuss their initial frustrations, but ultimately appreciate the ship’s availability and share their experiences flying it. They also include information on purchasing the ship and encourage viewer participation and support for the channel.