Star Citizen - Get Ready For 2024 - When Will CIG Be Back?!

This Star Citizen podcast discusses various topics including the upcoming Luna New Year event, a recent mini patch, and the anticipated release of the 3.23 patch. The hosts also talk about CIG’s finances, their excitement for potential game developments in 2024, and invite viewers to share their thoughts and support the channel.

In this Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss various topics related to the game. They mention the upcoming Luna New Year event, which may take place in either January or February, depending on the lunar calendar. They also talk about a recent mini patch that introduced a new repair and salvage tool in the game. They anticipate the release of the 3.23 patch at the end of March, which is expected to include features from Squadron 42. The hosts speculate on how Star Citizen’s advertising campaign for Squadron 42 might look, mentioning the possibility of online advertising and occasional billboards. They also discuss the financials of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), noting that the company currently employs over 1,100 people worldwide and has raised over $834 million. They estimate that CIG has around $67 million in the bank and discuss the importance of spending the money on game development.

The hosts express their excitement for what 2024 might bring for Star Citizen, including the potential release of base building mechanics and the long-awaited Pyro system. They also mention their hope for an announcement of Squadron 42’s release date and the anticipation of CitizenCon, a Star Citizen fan event. They invite viewers to share their thoughts on what they are looking forward to in the upcoming 3.23 patch and their opinions on CIG’s finances and expansion. The podcast ends with a reminder of the ongoing ship giveaway and a request for support through joining the channel or becoming a patron. The hosts express their gratitude to the viewers for their support and mention that the channel is close to reaching 200,000 subscribers.