Star Citizen | G12 Buyers Guide

“Join Algared, Osiris Frost and Execute as they discuss the Origin G12 and its variants.”

In this video, the hosts discuss the G12 and its variants currently available for sale at Invictus fleet week in Star Citizen. They start by emphasizing their general recommendation of not buying vehicles as they are not worth it. However, they still go on to discuss the pros and cons of the G12. They both agree that the G12 has a sleek and appealing design, with the racing version being their favorite. They also mention that as an Origin vehicle, it carries the aesthetics and design language associated with the brand.

They discuss the G12 as a combination of the standard Cyclone and its cargo variant, offering double the cargo space and a turret. They praise the enclosed cabin and consider it a no-brainer choice. The hosts also point out that the G12 feels like a reskin of the same type of vehicle, without bringing anything new to the segment. They wonder how future ground vehicles will differentiate from each other.

The hosts discuss the combat variant of the G12, comparing it to the Cyclone AAA. They find it interesting that the combat variant has more missiles but no guns, making its purpose unclear. They question the practicality of using such a vehicle in combat scenarios and highlight the inconsistency in vehicle pricing within the game. They mention that the Cyclone AAA and G12 combat variant might be useful in convoy situations or as air defense, but it could get boring waiting for enemy ships.

They briefly touch upon the presence of an EMP on the racing variant and its potential impact on races. They discuss the potential disadvantages of not having an EMP if other racers do. They wrap up the discussion by reiterating their recommendation of not buying vehicles in general, but if one must choose from the G12 lineup, they recommend the standard G12. They compare the vehicle prices to those of ships, pointing out that ships like the Avenger Titan offer more value for the same price.