Star citizen - free to play - now - 15th feb 2024

“A short video to quickly explain the benefits of the free fly event in Star Citizen.”

Star Citizen is currently running a free fly event until February 15th, allowing new players to try out the game. The event offers five different ships to fly for free, including the Origin 100i, which is a small touring ship and a great starting point for new players. Origin is known for manufacturing high-quality and prestigious ships, and the 100i is no exception. It has a good range and is popular among players.

Another ship available for free is the Origin 400i, which is an exploring ship with excellent shields. It also has a small landing pad for a hover bike. The ship is visually stunning both inside and out and is considered one of the top five ships in the game. The Nomad is another popular ship, known as the “space pickup truck.” It has hover technology in its landing gear and a unique shape with some alien tech incorporated. It is versatile and has a pickup-style cargo running capability.

For players interested in mining, the Prospector is available for free during the event. It is a single-seated ship specifically designed for mining rocks and making money. Mining is currently a profitable activity in the game, and the Prospector is known as the trusty workhorse of mining. Lastly, the Scorpius is a two-seater ship with a pilot seat and a gunner seat. It offers a significant amount of firepower, especially when fully crewed. The ship has missiles and a remote turret, and its attention to detail and design make it a popular choice among players.

In addition to the free fly event, there are two starter packs available for purchase. The Aurora starter pack offers a humble ship with beds for logging in and out of the game, while the 100i starter pack provides a better ship with extra starting money and six months of insurance. Both packs come with a self-land hangar, and using a referral code from a friend or the video creator will also grant players a Drake Dragonfly, a gravl bike for planetary exploration, and special edition red armor. This armor set includes a backpack for carrying loot and a weapon. Using a referral code also adds an extra 5,000 starting money to the account.

Overall, the free fly event is a great opportunity for new players to try out Star Citizen and experience different ships and game loops. The game is still in alpha, so there may be bugs, but a new patch is on the way, and exciting updates are expected in the future. The video creator recommends taking advantage of the event to explore the universe, try out the ships, and get familiar with the game mechanics. If players enjoy their experience, they can consider purchasing a starter pack before the event ends to continue their journey in the Star Citizen universe.