Star Citizen Fleet Gameplay.. (INCREDIBLE)

"Star Citizen Fleet Gameplay featuring 25 Fury ships & others!
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In this Star Citizen video, I’m exploring patch 3.19 and the launch of Invictus launch week "

In the last live stream, a Fleet of Furies ships was assembled in order to take on the Javelin. 25 Furies were attached to five other vessels, which included C2s, Caterpillars and an 890 Jump. During the stream, many hoops had to be jumped through in order to get the vessels in line and ready for battle. There were even moments when it looked like the Furies were going to crash and explode, yet miraculously they managed to stay on course. Everyone was on board and the event concluded with a stunning sequence of the Fleet of Furies.

The task at hand given the Fleet was to defeat the Javelin, which was no easy feat. Despite this, everyone was still determined to fight and lined up in military fashion. They all started to move forwards and engaged the enemy in a heroic battle, which unfortunately didn’t achieve its intended goal. However, the sight of nearly fifty Furies fighting was an incredibly impressive one.

Ultimately, the mission was not successful, but the event was still an unforgettable one. It showed the power of the collective and showed that nothing is impossible when working in a team. It was also a great way to show how entertaining and exciting virtual worlds can be. The highlight clips from the event will be a reminder of just how amazing a group of enthusiastic streamers can be.