Star citizen - find your way - drake cutter scout

“In this video i take a closer look at the newly released cutter scout”

This video review discusses the features and potential uses of the Drake Interplanetary Cutter Scout in the game Star Citizen. The Scout variant of the cutter offers minor changes such as two engine thrusters, a rear spoiler, and a large scanning dish, making it a versatile starting ship for scanning, data running, and reconnaissance. While it may not compete with the heavy-duty armor of the Terapin, it still offers utility and ease of maintenance.

The video highlights the ship’s supercharged radar capabilities, two size two gun hard points, two size two missile hard points, and a minimal yet comfortable living quarters with a single bed and shower. It is designed to be flexible, versatile, tough, and user-friendly, making it suitable for new players starting their journey in the game. The ship also offers 2 SCU of cargo space, and a range of components, including a cooler, power plant, quantum drive, and shield generator.

The presenter discusses the pros and cons of the base model and the Scout variant, noting that the Scout offers a size two radar and a dedicated engineering station, making it a more versatile option, despite the sacrifice of 2 SCU of cargo space. They express interest in seeing how the scanning technology develops in the game and suggest that if the scanning capabilities of the Scout surpass those of similar ships, it would be a worthwhile investment.

The video provides a walk around the ship, showcasing its clean and minimalistic interior design, including a toilet, shower, bed, storage area, and the cockpit with the iconic Drake green MFDs. The armor plate above the cockpit can be deployed for extra protection. The video concludes by mentioning the enjoyable experience with the ship and expresses enthusiasm for future updates and features in the game.

In summary, the Drake Cutter Scout is praised for its versatility, scanning capabilities, and ease of use. It is seen as a great starting ship for new players and offers potential for scanning, data running, and reconnaissance tasks. While it may not be as heavily armored as some other ships, it still provides utility and a comfortable living space. The video highlights the ship’s features, components, and interior design, as well as the potential for future developments in the game.