Star Citizen February Report - New Ships, Core Gameplay, Maelstrom & Resource Networks

The February report for Star Citizen shows significant progress in ship development, core gameplay, and resource networks. The teams have been working on new ships, recoil improvements, dynamic destruction systems, UI refinements, and AI behaviors, with the Alpha 3.23 release expected in April.

In the February report for Star Citizen, the development teams made significant progress in various areas, including ships, locations, AI, and UI. The RSI Zeus and RSI Polaris ships are progressing through the development stages, with modular pieces being completed for the Polaris. An unannounced ship also made good progress, receiving updated lighting and material improvements. The gameplay teams have been reorganized to operate as one unified core gameplay pillar, with features being ported from Squadron 42 to the persistent universe. They have also been working on recoil improvements, dynamic crosshairs, and multiplayer support for player interactions.

The Resource Network and life support features were further developed, with work being done on jump point gameplay and server meshing support. The Maelstrom dynamic destruction system for ships and terrain is being retrofitted, and improvements have been made to the transit system. The docking and landing systems have also been refactored. The Arena Commander feature team transitioned to the persistent universe, but will still provide regular content updates for Arena Commander.

The teams have been working on various features and improvements, including cargo updates, UI refinements, economy balancing, weapon redesigns, and character art. The locations team has been developing distribution centers, working on the new star map, and finalizing content for Pyro’s initial release. The AI team has been working on ladder usage, transit logic improvements, navigation mesh generation, and spaceship behaviors. They have also been testing a 2.0 game launcher.

Overall, the teams are making progress towards the Alpha 3.23 release, which is now expected in April. The report highlights various exciting features and improvements, such as cargo elevators, distribution centers, and Squadron 42 gameplay being ported to the persistent universe. The development teams are also seeking feedback and input from the community on their progress.