Star Citizen Explained

“There’s a lot of confusion about Star Citizen, so I think it’s time to explain what the game actually is…”

Star Citizen is a highly anticipated game that has attracted a lot of attention recently. Originally kickstarted in 2012 by Chris Roberts, the game has raised over $622 million, making it the most expensive and biggest crowdfunded project ever. The game aims to be a rich universe focused on epic space adventures, trading, and dogfighting in first person. Over the years, the game’s vision expanded, leading to more tech development and delays.

Squadron 42, the single-player campaign for Star Citizen, was originally intended to be released together with the multiplayer universe. However, it was separated as it was expected to ship earlier. The multiplayer mode, called the Persistent Universe, is currently in an alpha stage and has been playable for a while. It showcases impressive features like zero-loading screen planetary transitions and high-fidelity graphics. The game’s servers are currently limited to around 100 players, but improvements are expected in the future.

Star Citizen has achieved many milestones over the years, such as adding explorable moons, planetary tech, and major landing zones. The game’s attention to detail and highly detailed spaceships have been particularly impressive. Players can engage in various activities like missions, combat, racing, and exploration. However, the game’s overall progression mechanics still need improvement.

With the recent CitizenCon show, Star Citizen aims to address gameplay shortcomings and set new visual standards for scale realism and seamless simulation. The highly anticipated Squadron 42 is now feature-complete and in its polishing phase, with a possible release date in 2024. It is rumored that many newly developed features from the single-player campaign will be brought over to the persistent universe in the next 12 months.

Overall, Star Citizen is a playable game in its alpha stage, offering impressive features and experiences. While there have been delays and controversies surrounding release dates, the game continues to attract a dedicated fanbase. With ongoing development and future updates, the next year looks promising for Star Citizen fans.