Star Citizen: Experiencing the Storm and Storm AA

"I dig through the plusses and minuses of Star Citizen’s two new light scout tanks and discuss what their role, if any, might be.

0:00 Introduction
0:39 Cockpit Experience
1:10 Turret Experience
2:10 Driving Experience
2:50 Loading Experie"

In this video, Daniel Rond takes a closer look at two new light Scout tanks in Star Citizen - the laser cannon storm and the storm AA. He clarifies that while the laser cannon storm was introduced earlier this year, the storm AA is making its debut and comes with Lifetime Insurance. He notes that there is no war bond upgrade offer for either tank, so there is little reason to insert them into CCU chains.

Entering the driver’s seat of the tank, Rond comments on the narrow window and virtual display, which can be disrupted by ECM. However, he quickly switches to the turret view, where he can both drive and shoot at the same time. He suggests using a dual-stick system for optimal control, but also mentions that it works well with mouse and keyboard. The range of motion is different in the two turret views, with the laser turret having full lateral rotation but limited inclination, while the storm AA has limited lateral movement but extends vertically.

Rond observes various other inconsistencies with the storm tank, including its bouncy behavior and lack of apparent mass. He also attempts to reload the missiles after using them but finds it difficult, as is the case with other ships with internal missile tools. He then tests the effectiveness of the storm AA in protecting against a C2 ship, noting that a solo storm AA would likely need to rely on speed to survive against larger or heavily armed ships.

Moving on to a strategic discussion, Rond questions whether armored ground vehicles, like the storm, are the best means of providing ground support. He suggests that investing in close air support craft, such as the Avengers or Cutlass Black, might be a better option due to their self-deployment, serviceability, and operational flexibility. He concludes by mentioning the ongoing giveaway for the winner’s choice of a Galaxy, mining machine, or the Merchantman, and provides the secret word for entry.

Overall, Daniel Rond evaluates the storm and storm AA tanks in Star Citizen, highlighting their differences, quirks, and potential use cases in various scenarios.