Star citizen - enforcing the rule of law- drake cutlass blue

In this video i take a look at the Drake Cutlass Blue in Star Citizen.
This ship has alot to offer for its size and as the game develops bringing with it Bounty Hunting 2.0 the c”

In this video, the YouTuber discusses the Drake Cutlass Blue, a ship in the game Star Citizen. The Cutlass Blue is a law enforcement ship designed to take down criminals. It features extra armor, powerful engines, and a bubble canopy for excellent situational awareness. The ship also has a turret with size three weapons and a Quantum dampener, although the dampener was not functioning properly in the video. The Cutlass Blue can hold 12 SCU of cargo and has holding cells for prisoners. It is considered the best variant of the Cutlass due to its sleek design and additional features.

The YouTuber mentions that the Cutlass Blue was created by Drake to change their image, as their ships were often associated with piracy. The ship’s design and capabilities make it suitable for law enforcement operations, but it can also be used by military fleets or pirates. The YouTuber speculates that the ship will shine in bounty hunting missions when players can track down criminals and apprehend them. The ship’s weapons and components are discussed, including gimballed Scorpions, distortion repeaters, and size two shields and power plant.

The video provides a walk-around of the ship, highlighting its exterior features such as tricycle landing gear, prominent turret, and the cargo area at the back. The interior of the ship includes a cargo hold for small vehicles, holding cells for prisoners, living quarters with bunk beds, and a turret seat. The pilot seat offers excellent visibility and easy access to the ship’s controls and MFDs. The YouTuber notes that the ship has some bugs, including issues with the Quantum dampener and the inability to turn on headlights without activating the flashing lights.

In conclusion, the Drake Cutlass Blue is a sleek and formidable law enforcement ship in Star Citizen. It offers extra armor, powerful engines, and a bubble canopy for excellent visibility. The ship’s design and features make it suitable for various roles, including bounty hunting, military operations, and even piracy. Despite some bugs, the ship’s weapons and components are impressive, and it has the capacity to hold prisoners and cargo. The YouTuber expresses excitement for future updates and the potential of the Cutlass Blue in capturing criminals and enforcing the law.