Star Citizen DON'T MISS OUT - There's Still More Coming To The IAE 2953!

The ongoing Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) 2953 in Star Citizen allows players to test-fly various showcased ships and participate in the free fly event until November 30th. The expo features new ship releases, interactive magazines, character-focused videos, live videos, and upcoming events and updates, providing a diverse and engaging experience for players.

The IAE 2953, the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo in Star Citizen, is currently taking place on Microtech. This event showcases various manufacturers and their vehicles, with new manufacturers taking over every 24 hours. Visitors have the opportunity to test-fly the displayed vehicles and participate in the ongoing free fly event, which will continue until November 30th. Some highlights of the event so far include Alien Day, AIS Day, Crusader and Tumbral Day, and Origin Day, with new ships and vehicles being introduced each day.

During Alien Day, alien ships and the new Xian starter ship were sold. AIS Day featured the limited releases of the javelin and Idris capital ships. Crusader and Tumbral Day showcased the new Storm and Storm Anti-Air ships, as well as the C1 with a tractor beam. Origin Day saw the limited release of the 890 Jump and the last chance to get the X1 series of hover bikes before their price increase. The following days will feature showcases from Drake, Argo Consolidated Outland, Greycat, Krueger, Anvil, MK and Marai, and RSI.

In addition to the ship showcases, there will be interactive magazines, character-focused videos, and live videos covering various topics related to Star Citizen. The Pyro playground and the replication layer will be tested in the upcoming weeks, and Xeno Threat and Siege of Orison events are expected to be run on live servers. Experimental modes will also be available in Arena Commander, and updates on the new engineering gameplay will be provided. Furthermore, a contest to design a convention badge for the IAE and a guide to professions contest are currently ongoing.

Overall, the IAE 2953 offers a wide range of ship showcases, events, and activities for Star Citizen players to enjoy. The expo continues until November 30th, with each day featuring new manufacturers and exciting releases.