Star Citizen devs Finally Address Drake Ironclad Concerns

In the video, Star Citizen developers address concerns and questions about the Drake Ironclad in a Spectrum Q&A session. They discuss the Ironclad’s features, such as its vehicle carrying capacity, retractable roof for snub fighters, Armory in the Assault version, repair bay capabilities, and strategic options like self-destruction and detaching the Command Module.

In the video, the developers of Star Citizen address the concerns and questions regarding the Drake Ironclad in a Spectrum Q&A session. They discuss the main competitors of the Ironclad, highlighting the Anvil Liberator and the Hercules as close rivals. The Liberator excels at vehicle transport but has exposed cargo, while the Hercules offers multiple turrets and cargo capacity, with the Ironclad having superior vehicle carrying capability and cargo capacity.

The Ironclad can be used as a mini carrier, with a retractable roof that can accommodate snub fighters like Furies or Merlins. The Ironclad Assault version will also feature a retractable roof, surprising many who thought it wouldn’t have this feature. However, the Ironclad Assault will not have a tractor beam, which may impact its utility aspect. Both versions will have identical thruster layouts, including integrated veto thrusters.

The developers confirm that the Ironclad will have an Armory in the Assault version, possibly located in the front central area for storage. The repair bay in the Ironclad Assault can repair not only vehicles but also ship components, expanding its functionality. The self-destruction feature in the Ironclad includes independent systems for the common module and the main hall, offering strategic options for players.

Players can detach the Command Module from the Ironclad, but the main module will no longer fly independently. The developers are working on how insurance will handle the detaching of the common module and loss of the main ship. The Command Module will have a Quantum Drive, and the ship’s heavy armor is represented in-game relative to other ships of its class size. Gravity in the cargo bay will be managed without an air shield, requiring caution in certain scenarios. Overall, the video provides detailed insights into the features and capabilities of the Drake Ironclad in Star Citizen.