Star Citizen: Crunching the Munching Prototype

"Inside Star Citizen Shared a Very, Very, Very, early prototype of Salvage Munching. I frankly love it when they do this because it means feedback it not too late to do any good. So I am going to dig into it,

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In a recent episode of Inside Star Citizen, the prototype stage of the Salvage munching system was demonstrated, allowing viewers to see the early development of the system. However, there were some concerns raised about how it differed from the mining gameplay. The main issue was that the prototype didn’t seem substantially different from mining, as both involved shooting and breaking down objects. The developers need to clarify the uniqueness of salvaging compared to mining and provide a clear reason for players to invest in salvaging activities.

Another concern raised was the impact of salvaging on the game’s economy and clutter in the game world. The primary purpose of salvaging is to declutter areas by removing destroyed ships. However, if salvaging generates more clutter than can be efficiently removed, it becomes counterproductive. The prototype showcased the breaking down of an 890 Jump ship into hundreds of debris pieces, which raised concerns about server performance and the feasibility of completing the project. The author suggests that creative compromises, such as reducing the number of debris pieces, should be considered to address this issue.

Additionally, the author raised a request for the Inside Star Citizen video team to refrain from showcasing unrealistic and non-implementable features in their videos. They argue that such depictions can be misleading and potentially contribute to the compilation of broken promises about the game. The author suggests focusing on the game’s existing humorous situations rather than introducing improbable elements. The text concludes with updates on ongoing giveaways for subscribers and viewers of the video.