Star Citizen Con42 Dev Updates - NPC Fleets - Capital Ships - Roads

The video discusses the recent FanFest in Frankfurt, where a variety of panels and discussions took place. The focus is on a Q&A session with developers regarding the development of Star Citizen. The developers confirmed that new ships will continue to be added to the game and that larger ships will be available for players once a resource management system is completed. The developers also discussed weapon and item diversity and balance, ship armor plating, and the possibility of suffocating on a ship without proper life support. They also touched on planet surface building, roads, and points of interest, as well as the potential for salvage and mining updates.

Regarding planet surface building, the developers indicated that it is possible to affect the surface of planets and build things like roads or tunnels, but this is not currently a priority. They also mentioned that it will be possible to purchase air, atmosphere, and fuel as commodities in the future. Additionally, the developers stated that building and survival mechanics in the style of other games like The Forest or Rust are unlikely to be added, but tents and other survival mechanics might be added in the future.

Finally, the developers discussed potential salvage and mining updates. They want players to be able to work with cargo ships to be more efficient and split profits. Salvage components can already be obtained from ships using a tract beam tool, but there are also interesting cargo options that could be added to ships. Mining containers from the prospector and mole might be detachable in 3.19, and the developers are working on this feature.