Star Citizen Brought A STORM! | New Patch 3.21.1 and IAE Hype

"Star Citizen new 3.21.1 Patch droped today and IAE is going live tomorrow. What can we expect and how is the new Tumbril Storm tank?

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In this video, the speaker discusses the excitement surrounding the upcoming International Aerospace Expo (IAE) in Star Citizen. They assure viewers that the free fly event during IAE will not affect server performance. They express their interest in the new Culin Gian starter ship, which they find visually appealing. The speaker also comments on the game suddenly becoming politically charged, but still expresses a desire to obtain one of the cool-looking alien ships.

The speaker then explores the expo hall, mentioning the event calendar and their anticipation for seeing the alien ships. They note that there is no elevator access but proceed to look at the new Tumbril Storm tank. Despite some design questions, they appreciate the tank’s aesthetic and examine its features such as weapon racks and compartments. They also appreciate the interior design and comment on the head-tracking controlling the turret.

The speaker takes the tank for a test drive, discussing its handling and performance. They appreciate the tank’s ability to traverse various terrains, though it is a bit bumpy. However, they comment on its tendency to flip over when braking too hard, which they find counterintuitive for a fast and agile off-road vehicle.

The speaker compares the Storm tank to the Nova vehicle, commenting on its capabilities and mentioning a video they watched about the Nova’s performance in combat. They engage in a simulated battle between the vehicles and evaluate the Nova’s aiming and the Storm’s durability. The Storm eventually proves to be susceptible to long-range attacks but remains mobile.

Towards the end of the video, the speaker informs viewers that the new patch for Star Citizen has been released, which includes updates for the tractor beam, the Tumbril Storm tank, the new Spirits cargo ship, and other changes. They express their excitement for the upcoming IAE and mention their plans to stream it. They also invite viewers to watch their previous video discussing the remaining work that needs to be done for spaceships in Star Citizen.