Star Citizen: Breaking Down the Syulen and Cutter Scout

“The Syulen is an amazing piece of design and I really like it, but contradictory, I can’t actually recommend it.”

In the video transcription, Daniel Raymond discusses the GAC Sulen, which is being presented as the first alien starter ship at The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. The ship is the only tail-landing ship in the game and is relatively large compared to other single and dual seat ships. Despite loving the ship, Daniel cannot recommend it, even as a Lifetime Insurance (LTI) token, because there is a cheaper alternative, the Cutter Scout, which is available for $20 less with LTI.

Daniel takes a tour of the Sulen on the show floor, pointing out its three huge arms that form legs and landing gear, becoming stable on any ground. The ship has six SCU of cargo space in three racks, but it is not ideal for loose boxes and components typically used in small ships. The ship has three levels, including a lower level with a suit locker, a weapons rack, and access to 6,000 micro SCU of internal inventory. The second level has a bed, toilet, and desk, while the cockpit level has avionics panels and a pilot seat that swings around, pointing upwards.

The ship’s lifting mechanism and maneuverability leave something to be desired, making it less suitable for beginners. The Suelin is considered a novelty ship due to its unique design, but it lacks practicality and ease of use. In comparison, the Cutter Scout is recommended as a starter ship. It is an inexpensive option with engineering and scanning capabilities built into the cargo area. While it has less cargo space, it can still fit small vehicles like the mule or hover quad.

In conclusion, the GAC Sulen is an impressive ship in terms of design and novelty, but it lacks functionality and practicality for beginners. The Cutter Scout, on the other hand, is a more suitable starter ship due to its affordability and utility. Daniel also provides an update on giveaways for the IE week where subscribers are automatically entered to win a choice between different ships.