Star Citizen - Bounty Hunters Vs Crazy Tank Pilot

In this video, the narrator tests out the Tumbrl Storm AA ground vehicle during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, engaging in battles with bounty hunters and other players. Despite facing challenges and ultimately being taken down, the narrator provides insights on the effectiveness of the Tumbrl Storm AA and expresses gratitude to viewers and supporters.

In this video, the narrator takes his new Tumbrl Storm AA ground vehicle for a test drive during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. He picks a fight with a powerful F8 Lightning ship and gets his vehicle disabled. However, to his surprise, the Tumbrl Storm AA remains functional and he continues testing it. Unaware that he has a crime stat, bounty hunters start coming after him, but he manages to hide in his Corsair ship. Another bounty hunter approaches, and the narrator feels threatened but is armed with a rail gun. He takes down the bounty hunter and continues his adventure.

Despite his Corsair ship being destroyed, the Tumbrl Storm AA is still operational. The narrator uses the wreckage of his enemies as cover and starts attacking the SCH Scorpus ship. The Corsair gives up, but the Tumbrl Storm AA keeps going. The narrator takes a moment to breathe, but then another player tries to get inside his destroyed vehicle. Eventually, the player is killed for attempting grand theft auto.

While taking screenshots, the narrator is interrupted by a hail of bullets from bounty hunters. He tries to flank them for a tactical advantage. Suddenly, a free-fly player arrives in a flying Pokémon-like creature and sacrifices himself to the narrator’s rail gun. The narrator celebrates his first confirmed PVP kill but is eventually taken down by the bounty hunters.

In the end, the narrator advises anyone interested in purchasing the Tumbrl Storm AA that the rail gun is the most effective weapon. He thanks his viewers and supporters and explains that the upper section of the Tumbrl Storm AA seems to be invincible or at least does not distribute damage to the rest of the vehicle. He suggests that it may have been fixed by the time the video is released. He concludes by thanking his audience and inviting them to like, subscribe, and join his channel for more content.