Star Citizen | Beginner's Guide To Starting Locations

“What planet should you call home in Star Citizen? Which planet offers the best shops? Where can you do the most exploration?”

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In this video, the creator 'Tomato takes viewers on a tour of the planets in the Star Citizen game. They explain that each planet in the game is built at a one-tenth scale to their real-life measurements, while moons are built at one-sixth scale. This allows for a more immersive experience and unique atmosphere on each planet. The atmospheric composition, temperature, and gravity levels of each planet impact gameplay, requiring players to adapt and use survival gear accordingly.

The video highlights the distinct features and histories of each planet. ArcCorp, the city planet, offers breathtaking views and a variety of buildings to explore. However, it currently lacks explorable land and points of interest outside of the cities. Hurston, a planet with differing biomes, is recommended for new players due to its diverse gameplay potential, including missions, bunkers, and supply outposts. Crusader, a gas giant, allows players to explore the floating city of Orison and visit its unique moons for additional activities such as pirate respawn, investigation missions, and excavations.

MicroTech, a frozen world, is regarded as the best starting location for new players. It offers varying biomes, including the primary landing zone of New Babbage, reminiscent of a futuristic tech hub. The planet provides opportunities for mining, missions, and exploration, with bunkers, outposts, and caves to discover. The three moons surrounding MicroTech also offer missions and valuable cargo for cargo haulers.

The video acknowledges that Star Citizen is a constantly evolving game, with updates and improvements being made to the planets over time. The addition of clouds, building interiors, and small features like rivers and rock arches demonstrate the ongoing development. The creator encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel for future updates and guides, and also mentions a giveaway of several ships totaling over $1000 in value.

The creator concludes by expressing their gratitude for viewer support and offers ways to contribute, such as through Patreon or YouTube membership. They express their hope that the video has provided helpful insights and hints at future high-quality content.