Star Citizen - Base Building by Olli43

“Star Citizen is eventually going to have base building and CIG begins work on base building very soon and I’m hyped. However, seeing as it’s only just going into production, lets do the thing where we pretend we’re game developers and speculate on how Star Citizen base building will arrive.”

In this video, Olli43 discusses his recommendations for how base building should be implemented in Star Citizen. He acknowledges that base building will likely be released in phases, rather than all at once. In phase one, Olli43 suggests the introduction of land claims, where players can stake their claim on a piece of land. He also recommends the inclusion of a small living space, storage area, landing pad, and workshop for repairs and vehicle maintenance. Additionally, he suggests the addition of a basic watchtower and the ability to build walls for the base.

Moving on to phase two, Olli43 proposes the introduction of food and water mechanics, such as a hot dog stand and a water station. He also suggests the inclusion of anti-air turrets for base defense and the ability to refine resources. Furthermore, he suggests the addition of a building for scientific research and the possibility of an underground or above-ground hangar for vehicle storage. Lastly, he proposes the inclusion of a runway for aircraft.

In phase three, Olli43 envisions the introduction of shields for base protection. He suggests upgraded walls, power generation through wind farms and solar panels, and battery storage. He also suggests the inclusion of an upgraded watchtower, a basic farm for resource gathering, and the ability to trade or sell excess power generated by the base.

Finally, in the last phase, Olli43 suggests the inclusion of massive cargo storage, upgraded turrets, and luxury interior design options for the base. He also proposes the possibility of using the base to farm and trade power with other bases. Olli43 acknowledges that his ideas may be a bit exaggerated in terms of scale, but he believes that building upon these concepts in a phased approach would be a good way to implement base building in Star Citizen.