Star Citizen Attracts A Lot Of Leaks, Rumors & Tabloid Garbage

In this podcast, the hosts discuss the upcoming patch 3.20 for Star Citizen, its importance in terms of player satisfaction, and the concept of long-term persistence. They also address the issue of leaks, rumors, and tabloid-like content surrounding Star Citizen, express their appreciation for community engagement, and briefly touch upon the development of a crypto-based MMO called Star Atlas.

In this podcast, the hosts discuss the upcoming patch 3.20 for Star Citizen. They mention that the patch is currently in open PTU and is expected to bring significant improvements to the game. The hosts emphasize the importance of having polished patches to maintain player satisfaction and avoid setbacks. They also mention that there is no planned wipe for patch 3.20, but certain items will still be wiped, and they explain the concept of long-term persistence in the game.

The hosts then delve into the topic of leaks, rumors, and tabloid-like content surrounding Star Citizen. They acknowledge that while their video titles may sometimes appear clickbaity, they strive to ensure that they accurately represent the content. They also express their desire to cover all aspects of Star Citizen, both positive and negative, and discuss the challenges of vetting leaks and rumors, as well as the tendency for such information to be repackaged and sensationalized.

The conversation shifts briefly to Pirate Week, a themed event in Star Citizen that includes ship sales and gameplay activities. The hosts express their appreciation for the community engagement but suggest that it would be even better if in-game achievements were rewarded with exclusive items, rather than relying solely on real-money purchases.

Next, the hosts touch upon the ongoing development of Star Atlas, a crypto-based MMO that incorporates Star Citizen-like gameplay and mechanics. They note that while it may appeal to some players, the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments make it less appealing to them personally. They also speculate on the potential competition between Star Citizen and Star Atlas but believe that Star Citizen’s long-established development progress gives it a significant advantage.

In conclusion, the hosts invite viewers to share their thoughts on the topics discussed, such as what they think should be covered in the channel, the possibility of upcoming features in Star Citizen, and their interest (or lack thereof) in Star Atlas. They also mention other ways to support the channel and announce a ship giveaway for September.