Star Citizen - Armory Redesigned

“Hello Citizens!
Today I would like to show you how to use the newly redesigned Armory. Enjoy!”

In today’s video, the author introduces the redesigned Armory, a helpful tool for viewing stats and purchasing locations for FPS gear in Star Citizen. The Armory allows users to build their desired loadout by searching and selecting equipment, including core armor pieces and weapons with attachments. The advanced information section provides details on inventory, damage reduction, temperature, ports, range, magazine capacity, alpha damage, rate of fire, and damage falloff. Additionally, there is an option to preview images of equipment, with about 30% of available equipment currently supported.

The shopping list feature retrieves a comprehensive list of locations where selected gear can be obtained, whether through purchasing or looting. It is worth noting that this list can be extensive. The author encourages viewers to support the project by sharing it with friends, joining the Discord server, subscribing to the channel, becoming a member or patron, or simply leaving a like and comment on the video. The author concludes by expressing gratitude for watching, wishing viewers safe travels, and anticipating future interactions in the verse.

Overall, the video showcases the newly redesigned Armory, a helpful tool in Star Citizen for exploring equipment options and purchasing locations. With a user-friendly interface, it allows for easy customization of loadouts and provides in-depth information on armor and weapons. The shopping list feature assists in acquiring desired gear, and the author encourages support for the project by engaging in various forms, such as sharing, subscribing, or becoming a member.