Star Citizen April Update - Alpha 3.23 Live Incoming & Beware Of Triggerfish

The Star Citizen April update video discusses the upcoming Alpha 3.23 release with new features like character customisation, cargo hauling missions, and server meshing testing. The video also covers ongoing events, content plans for the channel, personal updates from the creator, sponsorship plans, and a call to action for viewer engagement and feedback.

In the Star Citizen April update video, the focus is on the upcoming Alpha 3.23 release expected by the end of the month. This update will bring a plethora of new features such as a character customizer, distribution centers, cargo hauling missions, new cargo updates, and more. The patch also includes updates to Arena Commander, new factions, dynamic crosshair for combat visors, volumetric cloud updates, and a replication layer update leading to server meshing testing.

The video also mentions ongoing events like the Overdrive Initiative Xeno Threat event, which offers players the opportunity to participate in missions leading up to the Xeno Threat 1.2 incursion. Players can earn rewards such as a Hornet Mark I F7A and a free upgrade from the civilian Mark I to the military Mark II. The event is expected to run into late April or May. Additionally, server meshing tests have been progressing well, with recent tests accommodating up to 800 players in a single shard.

The channel’s content plans for April include coverage of monthly reports, updates on Alpha 3.23 and 4.0, and a “minimum viable product” for Star Citizen 1.0. Summaries of Inside Star Citizen and Star Citizen Live shows, patch notes, and potential guides for new players are also on the agenda. The channel will continue to provide engaging content related to Star Citizen and upcoming developments in the game.

Personal updates from the video creator include plans to move to a new house, which will provide a better setup for content creation and hobbies like 3D printing and painting. The creator also discusses health issues, including a recent bout of illness and appendicitis experienced by a colleague. Sponsorship plans for the channel involve partnerships with companies like NordVPN, Toby ey trer, GameGlass, Beam, Loop Deck, and Veral. The creator also shares excitement about a dating sim April Fool’s joke and invites viewers to share their thoughts and ideas for future videos.

The video wraps up with a call to action for viewers to engage with the channel through likes, comments, and shares. The creator expresses gratitude for the support received from patrons and channel members, highlighting their contributions in enabling the creation of daily Star Citizen content. The video ends with a message of appreciation for the audience and an invitation for feedback and interaction in the comments section.