Star Citizen AMA | We Can't Talk About 3.11 Evocati

In a live stream video, Bored Gamer discussed various updates in the upcoming Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 Evocati version, including tweaks to the system laws and introduction of cargo decks and the Mercurystar Runner. Throughout the video, he engaged his viewers by answering a range of questions about Star Citizen, other games, and his upcoming content.

In this video transcription, the host, Bored Gamer, discusses several aspects of the Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 Evocati version. Due to a non-disclosure agreement, he cannot delve into specific details about it but shares some limited insights. He mentions there are leaks regarding this version but advises viewers to take these with a grain of salt as some are inaccurate. Board Gamer theorizes that they’re aiming for a 3.11 live build release by October 10th, to coincide with the original date for CitizenCon, which has been cancelled.

The host further discusses the law system updates coming with 3.11, viewing them as improvements and quality of life measures. Particularly, he is excited about the arrest timeframe where players, if attacked by someone capable of arresting or another non-criminal player, will be taken to prison if they die within a certain timeframe. Other updates include forgiveness for friendly fire, tweaking quantum dampening, missile locking criminality, and introducing a manslaughter charge.

Bored Gamer also comments on cargo decks which would serve as locations for cargo missions, buying and selling, and docking with large cargo ships. The Mercurystar Runner is also due for release in 3.11, although that could end up in a 3.11.X build. Other notable mentions for 3.11 include player external inventory, quality of life updates for the law system, force reactions, and the 100 series.

Bored Gamer answers various questions from viewers throughout this stream. Notable answers include his thoughts on starter ships, cargo decks, gameplay with a multi-crew aspect, and his favourite starship, among others. He also mentions his anticipation for the Elite Dangerous game, confirming that he has an account but hasn’t played it since he first tried it. He considers that he might try dual universe as well.

Towards the end of the stream, Bored Gamer continues to interact with his audience, addressing their numerous comments and questions on various topics related to Star Citizen. He concludes the steam by urging viewers to follow, like, and subscribe, hinting at future content regarding Star Citizen, including a series of Star Citizen content throughout the week and an interview with a Star Citizen content creator.