Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 Looks GREAT - X1, San Tok Yai, Inventory Containers & Structural Salvage

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 is bringing exciting updates including new ships, player hairstyles, the structural salvage feature, and the ability to store items in smaller cargo containers. The development roadmap indicates a promising future for Star Citizen, with ongoing testing and updates to make the game even better.

The road map for Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 was updated, bringing in new features and additions. Two new ships were added to the progress tracker, the Drake cutter Scout and the RSI Zeus Mark 2. The Zeus Mark 2 is set to be released next year, following a similar trend to the spirit series. Additionally, a new feature regarding a hacker group downloading information was added to the 3.21 column, which is already available on the experimental PTU.

Alpha 3.22, planned for release before Christmas, will introduce new player hairstyles and the highly anticipated structural salvage feature. With this feature, ships like the reclaimer and vulture will be able to cut off large chunks of metal salvaged from other ships and grind them up into a refinable material. This is expected to improve the salvaging profession and help clean up the universe. Another exciting addition is the ability to store items in smaller cargo containers within larger cargo containers. This will have an impact on how players deal with their inventory in the game.

Alpha 3.22 will also bring new ships and vehicles, including the apoa Santo, the origin X1 Bas variant, the velocity racing variant, and the force pathfinding hover bike. These additions, along with improvements to Stanton settlements, cloud, light shafts, and ground fog, as well as bug fixes and quality of life updates, make Alpha 3.22 a highly anticipated patch.

The testing of Alpha 3.21 and a potential Alpha 3.22 patch, along with the ongoing development of the Pyro system on the tech channel, indicates that the end of the year and 2024 will be influential for Star Citizen. The future looks promising, and the community is eagerly awaiting the new developments. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the content creator’s channel and join their Twitch streams for updates and gameplay. A thank you is given to patrons and channel members for their support in making these videos possible.