Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 Incoming - IAE New Ships & Vehicles

The podcast discussed the Interac Aerospace Expo (IAE) in Star Citizen and the release of Alpha 3.21.1. They mentioned new ships and vehicles showcased at the event, upcoming features like long hairstyles and settlements on planets, and speculated about the inclusion of special tickets providing temporary access to expensive ships during the upcoming Luminalia event.

The Star Citizen podcast discussed the ongoing Interac Aerospace Expo (IAE) and the release of Alpha 3.21.1. The IAE is the biggest sales event of the year for Star Citizen, allowing players to buy and try out ships and vehicles. The podcast mentioned the absence of Jax McCleary videos this year due to the focus on the Squadron 42 cinematics. Instead, viewers were entertained by Garmin Humble videos and new ship trailers.

Various set pieces and immersive elements were highlighted during the IAE, such as Xeno Threat posting pamphlets, new trailers, and interactive exhibits. The event also showcased new ships like the Storm and Storm AA, which featured impressive missile loadouts. Ground vehicle improvements, including missile locking, were discussed, as well as upcoming features like long hairstyles for characters and settlements on planets.

The podcast touched upon the exclusivity period for newly flyable ships and the pricing of ships in the game. The addition of structural salvage, inventory cargo containers, and Arena Commander multi-crew gameplay were mentioned as exciting updates coming with Alpha 3.22. The possibility of seeing persistent hangars and freight elevators in this release was also discussed, along with expectations of more play tests before the end of the year.

Lastly, the podcast mentioned the upcoming Luminalia event and speculated about the potential inclusion of special golden or platinum tickets in the advent calendar. These tickets might provide temporary access to expensive ships as gameplay rewards. The podcast invited viewers to share their thoughts about the IAE, upcoming features, and ship giveaway opportunities. It also expressed gratitude to Patreon and channel members for supporting the creation of Star Citizen content.