Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 Adds Settlements & Salvage Gets Better!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 has been released to PTU Wave One, introducing new settlements, improved Salvage mechanics, and inventory cargo containers. The Luminaila event is also set to kick off soon, and player feedback is important for further refining the game.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 has been launched to PTU Wave 1 and will be available to a wider audience soon. The Luminaila event, which is the Star Citizen equivalent of Christmas, is set to kick off next week with exciting plans from CIG. The live servers continue to feature the Siege of Orison, with the latest update adding another Jumptown location. The full broadcast of Day 1 at CitizenCon is available to watch, with Day 2 coming soon. The Dayar Rally, a popular fan event, is scheduled for January 20th, 2024, and can be watched live on Twitch.

This week in Star Citizen, the subscriber program is getting an update, with the release of a newsletter. Inside Star Citizen will discuss structural Salvage and the RSI Arastra in separate episodes. There won’t be a Star Citizen Live episode this week, as the focus is on getting Alpha 3.22 out before the holiday break. However, a patch watch post will provide details on minor features not on the public road map. Experimental modes are available on the live build, including single weapon elimination and mirror match duels.

Alpha 3.22 introduces 15 new inhabited derelict settlements spread throughout Hurston and Microtech. These settlements offer mission gameplay, social elements, and shops. NPCs in these locations are neutral and belong to the independent civilian population and the dusters faction. The update also includes new inventory cargo containers for storing commodities and items. The containers can be purchased and sold, and their contents can be sold individually as well. Tractor beams have also been improved to lock cargo onto grids when the ship’s door integrity is sufficient.

Structural Salvage has received a balance pass, addressing concerns that it was too simplistic. While the mechanics currently in place are basic, Cloud Imperium intends to evolve them further once they have the necessary technology. The Salvage UI and VFX have been polished and some adjustments have been made to increase the skill-based aspect of Salvage. However, player feedback is crucial, as changes to fracture time, construction material gained, and other associated features are subject to further refinement. Lastly, the patch notes highlight the availability of experimental game modes and their respective dates.

Overall, Alpha 3.22 brings significant updates to Star Citizen, including new settlements, improved Salvage mechanics, and the addition of inventory cargo containers. It is expected to be released to a wider audience soon. The developer, CIG, also has exciting plans for the upcoming Luminaila event. The game’s live servers continue to feature the Siege of Orison, and there are various other announcements and events scheduled for the week. Feedback from players is important in shaping the game’s future updates and features.