Star Citizen Alpha 3.21 - Crusader Spirit A1 Flyable Now!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.21 is now live, allowing players to fly the Crusader Spirit A1 ship, a versatile tactical bomber with size two components and bombing capabilities. Despite some issues with bombing mechanics, the ship’s solid design and unique features make it a valuable addition to the game, receiving positive feedback from players.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.21 is now live, and players can now fly the Crusader Spirit A1 ship. This ship is a versatile tactical bomber designed for combat and unpredictable missions. It has size two components, making it moderately tanky, and features two size two turrets on the rear and four size 3es on the wings and nose controlled by the pilot. It does not have any cargo space but is suitable for a crew of two and includes two crew beds and suit lockers.

The ship includes a modular section with ten size 5 stormburst bombs, gravity-based bombs that can only be deployed in areas with gravity. The rear section of the ship features more component storage, including power plants, jump drives, coolers, and shields. The ship also has a rear ramp that can be deployed, allowing for the potential storage of small vehicles.

However, during a demonstration, it was discovered that the bombs seemed to pass through the terrain, indicating that the bombing mechanics may not be fully functional on the current map. Despite this, the ship was praised for its solid design and the unique tactile nature of Crusader ships. While the Crusader Spirit A1 may not compete with heavy fighters in terms of firepower, its versatility and bombing capabilities make it a worthwhile addition to the fleet.

The Crusader Spirit A1 is available for purchase for $200 and comes with 120 months of insurance. It is expected to be available for in-game purchase in the next major patch. The ship has received positive feedback, with some players considering it as a potential replacement for their current daily driver ships. Overall, the ship offers a unique combat experience and is an exciting addition to Star Citizen’s roster of ships.