Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.1 Is LIVE - So Many New SHIPS, Features & Gameplay

Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.1 has been released, introducing new ships, features, and gameplay updates. This patch includes ship trespassing mechanics, a data heist mission, upgraded tractor beams, AI improvements, a new player experience, balancing adjustments, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

Alpha 3.21.1 has just been released in Star Citizen, bringing a variety of new ships, features, and gameplay updates. The patch includes quality of life improvements, such as ship trespassing mechanics and a new data heist mission. Tractor beams have also been upgraded to tier 2, allowing for the towing of other ships. The AI has been improved with the addition of more abilities and behaviors, making encounters with NPCs more challenging. A new player experience has been added to select locations, providing guidance for newcomers. Additionally, there have been balancing adjustments to ship masses and handling, as well as bug fixes and performance optimizations.

One of the highlights of the patch is the addition of new ships, including the storm, tumbrl storm AA, and gatx. Ship trespassing has been modified so that players will no longer be alerted when someone boards their ship, but they now have the legal right to remove or even kill unauthorized individuals. The new data heist mission requires players to hack into systems and maintain servers, with both legal and illegal versions available.

Tractor beams have been upgraded to tier 2 and now include vehicle tractor beams for ships that require them. The AI has been enhanced and brings over improvements from Squadron 42, providing more difficulty and realistic behaviors. A new player experience has been added to certain locations, starting with arop and New Babbage, with plans to expand this feature to other areas in the future.

The patch also includes updates to radar sensitivity, ship cargo rebalancing, improved vehicle headlights, and adjustments to ship masses and handling for various ships. Several client and server performance optimizations have been made, reducing crashes and improving overall stability. The update also reintroduces the Siege of Orison event in Arena Commander. However, some bugs still persist, such as AI falling through floors during underground facility missions.

The release of Alpha 3.21.1 coincides with the start of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE), where alien ship manufacturers are showcased and many ships are available for purchase. The Free Flight event offers a chance to try out different ships, and using a referral code may provide additional benefits. Looking ahead, Alpha 3.22 and the split replication layer are expected, bringing further improvements and excitement to Star Citizen. Overall, the patch focuses on enhancing gameplay experience, addressing bugs, and preparing for future updates.