Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Wave 1 PTU Maybe Sooner Than You Think!

Cloud Imperium has announced that they are hard at work preparing for the launch of Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 and that Evocati testing has already begun. The testing cycle for 3.20 has started early, which is a positive sign as it allows for more time to refine and address any issues. The exact release date for the Wave 1 PTU is unclear, but the team is aiming for a release in the near future, possibly by the end of September.

In other news, CitizenCon, the annual Star Citizen event, will be held on October 21-22. Although it will be a physical event in America, anyone can watch it for free on the Star Citizen Twitch channel. Additionally, Cloud Imperium has acquired Turbulent, a Montreal game studio. This acquisition increases Cloud Imperium’s workforce to over 1100 employees, with plans to expand to potentially over 1700 in the next three years.

The most recent sneak peek from the CIG newsletter showcases the Murai Fury LX, a variant of the Furies ship. The ship will likely be released in alpha 3.20 or earlier. Star Citizen Live focused on alpha 3.20 Arena Commander updates, highlighting the testing of experimental game modes and improvements to desync and performance issues. This week, there will be CitizenCon updates, a livestream with concept artist Alberto Petronio, and the forthcoming publication of an internal postmortem for alpha 3.18 and 3.19 by Cloud Imperium. Overall, the community is eagerly anticipating the release of alpha 3.20 and looking forward to the developments and announcements at CitizenCon.